As part of our journey to integration, our new ICS website is currently being developed and will be launched in early summer 2019.

Our area, Nottingham and Nottinghamshire, has been selected as one of the first in the country to become an Integrated Care System (ICS) bringing together our local NHS, local government and voluntary sector to combine healthcare and other services to look after people within their homes and communities.

We now have greater freedom to manage local services, spend money on health and care and to invest in what we know works. Locally we have made great progress in improving people’s health and wellbeing. However, with great improvements come new challenges.

We seek to increase the duration of people’s lives and to improve those additional years, allowing people to live longer, happier, healthier and more independently into their old age. We aim to achieve this with better access to services, and a greater focus on the prevention of illnesses, not just treatment.

Who we are

The Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Sustainability and Transformation Partnership includes all the NHS organisations and local councils across the city and county.

We have also been working with a wider group of representatives from other organisations such as the independent patient champion HealthWatch and the community and voluntary sector to shape our Plan.

The STP - Our Local Plan

Every area of the country has produced a Sustainability and Transformation Plan looking at how local organisations will work together, over the next five years, to improve care, health and wellbeing for people in their area.

Our local plan (2016) covers Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. Alongside our full STP Plan we have produced a summary guide: "A healthier future for Nottingham and Nottinghamshire"



Update to the Plan

In July 2017 we published an update to our five-year Plan for health and social care in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire, reflecting the comments received from local people, staff and stakeholders at meetings, events and through written feedback.

There are specific sections on mental health, services for children and young people, and carers as these were areas that people felt needed strengthening within the Plan.


ICS Board meetings to be held in public from April

10 April 2019

The Leadership Board of the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Integrated Care System (ICS) meets in public for the first time this week.

Annual Report 2017-18

6 November 2018

The first annual report of the STP is now available along with a summary version.

Services provided by Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust rated as Good

15 August 2018

It’s official – England’s Chief Inspector of Hospitals, on behalf of the Care Quality Commission, has rated the services provided by Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust as Good and specifically recognised that the Trust was Outstanding in the Caring domain.

Click the map below to see the area in detail.