STP partners on the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Plan [June 2016]

Who we are

The Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Sustainability and Transformation Partnership includes all the NHS organisations and local councils across the city and county.


We have also been working with a wider group of representatives from other organisations such as the independent patient champion HealthWatch, the Local Medical Committee and the community and voluntary sector to shape our Plan.

The STP - Our Local Plan

Every area of the country has been asked to produce a sustainability and transformation plan (STP) looking at how local organisations will work together, over the next five years, to improve care, health and wellbeing for people in their area.


Our local plan was published in 2016, and covers Nottingham and Nottinghamshire - a population of slightly more than one million.

STP summary guide

Alongside our full STP detailing our local plans to improve health and care, we have produced a summary guide called ‘A healthier future for Nottingham and Nottinghamshire’.


The summary outlines our local challenges as well as five priority areas and the changes and improvements people can expect over the next five years.


Publication of feedback on the draft STP

9 June 2017

We have now published our report based on feedback from the public and stakeholders on our draft STP.

Community and Voluntary sector event

8 June 2017

On 15 February an event was held with voluntary sector organisations to discuss the STP and explore their role in supporting delivery of the Plan.

Listening to your views

8 June 2017

In January and February 2017, we held four public events at venues across Nottinghamshire to talk to local people about our draft Plan. 395 people attended these events and a further 69 people or organisations provided written feedback.

Click the map below to see the area in detail.