STP partners on the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Plan [June 2016]

Who we are

The Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Sustainability and Transformation Partnership includes all the NHS organisations and local councils across the city and county.


We have also been working with a wider group of representatives from other organisations such as the independent patient champion HealthWatch and the community and voluntary sector to shape our Plan.

The STP - Our Local Plan

Every area of the country has produced a Sustainability and Transformation Plan looking at how local organisations will work together, over the next five years, to improve care, health and wellbeing for people in their area.


Our local plan (2016) covers Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. Alongside our full STP Plan we have produced a summary guide: "A healthier future for Nottingham and Nottinghamshire"


Update to the Plan

In July 2017 we published an update to our five-year Plan for health and social care in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire, reflecting the comments received from local people, staff and stakeholders at meetings, events and through written feedback.


There are specific sections on mental health, services for children and young people, and carers as these were areas that people felt needed strengthening within the Plan.


Making the connection between health and housing

21 June 2018

Nottinghamshire Health and Wellbeing Board have set out their ‘local vision for health, care and housing integration’, which among other related objectives, aims to address the need for ‘sufficient and suitable housing, including housing related support, particularly for vulnerable people’.

Improving links between housing and health in south Nottinghamshire

18 June 2018

Partners in South Nottinghamshire including Adult Social Care, District Councils, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), Public Health, Nottingham University Hospitals (NUH), Social Landlords and Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust have established the South Nottinghamshire Housing to Health scheme.

Pilot into the psychology behind medically unexplained symptoms

15 June 2018

In Nottingham, we have been piloting a primary care psychology medicine (PCPM) service – a joint project between Principia, a multi-speciality community vanguard, and Nottinghamshire Healthcare , the local mental health and community provider. This is a prime example of integrated care, bringing together specialist professionals with GPs and other community providers, to promote the equal importance of mental health with physical health, and to provide the emotional and psychological support to people living with long-term conditions.

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