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Nottingham and Nottinghamshire is one of 44 STP areas in England developing five year plans for improving health and social care. 

Whilst Bassetlaw is geographically part of Nottinghamshire it has been aligned to the South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw STP area as people in this part of the county generally receive services from hospitals and other facilities based in South Yorkshire rather than Nottinghamshire.  However, we work closely with the Bassetlaw and South Yorkshire STP as an associate to Nottingham and Nottinghamshire to ensure that our plans are aligned.

The delivery and implementation of the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire STP will be driven by the two existing Nottinghamshire transformation programmes: The Greater Nottingham Transformation Programme and the Better Together Programme in Mid Nottinghamshire.

The map below shows the locations described above and links to further information specific to each area.

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