Improving links between housing and health in south Nottinghamshire

Partners in South Nottinghamshire including Adult Social Care, District Councils, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), Public Health, Nottingham University Hospitals (NUH), Social Landlords and Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust have established the South Nottinghamshire Housing to Health scheme.

The scheme, which is funded in South Nottinghamshire District areas through Rushcliffe Multi-speciality Community Vanguard and Integration and Better Care Fund, and in Nottingham City through the Clinical Commissioning Group, is aimed at improving links between housing and health in South Nottinghamshire.  It aims to ease the strain on the health service and support improved outcomes for the individual by supporting efforts to speed up safe discharge from hospital and supporting people at risk of being admitted into hospital due to poor living conditions such as cold or damp or lack or suitable adaptations.   As part of the project a Housing and Health Coordinator is based within the Nottingham University Hospitals Integrated Discharge Team to identify and support people who are experiencing or at risk of delayed discharge due to housing or housing support related reasons and provides a  link to specialist officers in each district to effectively overcome housing related barriers to speed up discharge.  The service recruited to the community based roles in March and the hospital based role in April.  Already, excellent examples are being identified as to where this service is proving highly effective.

The benefits of the scheme are:

  • the provision of a handholding service to support access to appropriate housing related services to facilitate discharge
  • reduces pressures on health services by freeing up hospital beds and supporting people to avoid hospital or care home admissions
  • provides assistance with small adaptations; access to advice and support on a range of issues as well as signposting to wider services
  • support for prevention of hospital admissions and re-admissions
18 Jun 2018