Our priorities

We have established five areas where we believe we can make the biggest impact on improving services and improving the health and wellbeing of the population.

Promote wellbeing, prevention, independence and self-care

  • Support people to stay healthy and independent, and prevent avoidable illness>
  • Support stronger communities that can share responsibility for the people who live there
  • Signpost people to good advice and information

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Strengthen primary, community, social care and carer services

  • Make sure that people can get an appointment with a GP practice in their area when they need it , including in the evenings and at weekends
  • Build teams of health and care professionals around GP practices to co-ordinate care for people with complex needs or long-term conditions
  • Improve home care services
  • Improve the care that people receive at the end of their life
  • Ensure we meet waiting time standards for mental health services, including psychological therapies

Simplify urgent and emergency care

  • Help people to self-treat or find the most appropriate care quickly when they need urgent or emergency care
  • Timely and safe care for those needing care in hospital
  • Improving discharge processes so that people who are admitted to hospital can return home at the right time
  • Building services in the community to make it less likely that they will need to go to hospital or to help them leave at the right time

Deliver technology enabled care

  • Improve citizens’ access to healthcare information, online appointment booking and self-care support
  • Improve the way that clinical and care staff can access and share information to support the delivery of care
  • Use technology to help people to manage their own care

Ensure consistent and evidenced based pathways in planned care

  • Diagnose more cancers earlier through improved screening
  • Ensuring people are seen by the appropriate specialist in the right place at the right time, with more services provided in the community


  • Increase prevention, speed up diagnosis, improve the experience of patients and help people living with and beyond disease

Other key aspects of the Plan are described below:

Improve housing and environment

  • Support people to live independently at home
  • Improve private sector housing standards
  • Provide healthy take away options
  • Integrate health and planning options
  • Reduce the health impact of air pollution

Acute/clinical services strategy

  • To develop and implement a single clinical services strategy that will deliver consistent, high quality and efficient clinical care, offering seamless care pathways across Nottinghamshire

Drive system efficiency and effectiveness

  • Make sure health and care organisations are working as efficiently and effectively as possible
  • Explore opportunities for ‘back office’ efficiencies for non-clinical services

Future proof workforce and organisational development

  • Make sure that we have the right workforce in place to deliver the Plan and that staff are properly trained and developed to deliver services in the future

Maximise estates utilisation

  • Make best use of our land, buildings and facilities
  • Ensure that our buildings are fit for purpose and in the most appropriate location to support delivery of services

Proactive communication and engagement

  • Talk to local people and staff to harness their energy and commitment to support us in developing and delivering the Plan
  • Involve local people in shaping the Plan