Promote wellbeing, prevention, independence and self-care

Supporting people to stay healthy, independent and prevent avoidable illness

Our vision is to maximise people’s independence, good health and well-being across all our communities.

We are working with our local communities, voluntary services, health and social care services to support people to live a long, healthy and fulfilling life.  Through this work we want to empower people to be able to make healthier choices and ensure that those people living with an existing disability or long term condition are able to live as well as possible through access to the right advice, treatment, care and support.

Read more about how we want to do this in our Strategic Plan for Prevention, Person and Community Centred Approaches [PDF].

David Pearson is the lead officer for joining health and social care services in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. Read his thoughts about why personalisation of care matters.

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Personalised care and support planning

People with health and social care needs can actively manage their health and wellbeing through personalised care and support planning. This process recognises the person’s skills and strengths, as well as their experiences and the things that matter the most to them. It addresses the things that aren’t working in the person’s life and identifies outcomes and actions to resolve these.

Personalised Care and Support Planning is key for people receiving health and social care services. It is an essential tool to integrate the person’s experience of all the services they access so they have one joined-up plan that covers their health and wellbeing needs.

Case study

Jack lives at home with his parents and twin sister. He is disabled and has multiple healthcare needs.  Jack has a great interest in transport and loves to keep active. He attends college and is a very keen swimmer.

As a child, Jack’s parents worked full time as well as caring for Jack. His Mum worked during the day and his Dad at night, meaning that they were able to provide round-the-clock care for Jack. This was a very difficult time for Jack’s family as they were trying to do nearly everything themselves as well as coping with full-time employment. 

They felt that Jack’s needs were not being met because he needs to socialise and be very active.  There was very little time when the family could be together. Jack also likes to receive care from people he is familiar with.

Having a Personal Health Budget (PHB) has made a big difference to the quality of Jack’s life and his family’s life.

The family were given a single point of contact to help them to develop a support plan and set up the PHB. They can get help with any queries that arise.

Now that Jack has Personal Assistant, he has more stability in his life.

The budget can be used for activities such as swimming and abseiling and also to help Jack be more involved and active in the community.

What matters to you?

In Nottingham and Nottinghamshire we want to identify and spread the delivery of personalised care experiences across all of our services. We would like to meet and speak with local people, carers and community groups who wish to share their experiences to find out more about what really matters to people as they go about daily lives within local communities. We want to understand what communities need and work with local people to help re-connect them with theirs.  

Get involved

You can share your experience by emailing:

We are looking for local people to get involved in forums across the city and county. The forums will give people the opportunity to make their experiences, needs and wishes known about personalised care and how we can build on these approaches within local communities. We would like the forums to be made up of a wide range of representatives including community leaders, local citizens, public service providers, local businesses, sports, cultural and spiritual groups and retailers.

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